Tuesday, September 28, 2010

THIS is the day!

"This is the day which the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it." --Psalm 118:24

As many times as I've heard, quoted, and sung that verse (there's a little tune to which I sing it almost every Sunday morning as I get Caleb ready to go worship), I don't think I've ever really thought about it quite as seriously (or wrestled with it quite as foolishly) as I have most days for the past week-and-a-half since my pastor's wife, Kelly Love, mentioned it at my baby shower.

(Leave it to God to find us a church for this "interim" period where the pastor and his wife went through such a time at basically the same stage in their family's life! Their oldest son, also named Caleb, was on his way when their time started, and their second son was on his way by the time they were settled again.)

Anyhow, she focussed her devotional and words of wisdom to me on the circumstances we have right now in life, and one thing she mentioned was that we're almost always at a point where we can focus on something that seems like "when life will really start," but that's really not how we ought to live. (Ladies around the room nodded in assent.)

E.B. White said it this way: "Life is always a rich and steady time when we are waiting for something to happen or hatch." (Here are some other neat pregnancy and baby quotes for you fellow mommies & scrappers out there!)

Anyhow, Kelly's words of experience and wisdom continued: "THIS is the day the Lord has made," she said, "THIS day--not just yesterday or tomorrow." I'm constantly reminding myself of that important truth I've so many times overlooked.

Sometimes it's easier to quote that verse or feel like it's true with the promise of the morning and all the hope it brings. But what about at the end of the day, when the hoped-for phone call, e-mail, or baby doesn't come? When the to-do list for the week has seen no progress? When seemingly reasonable expectations for yourself or others have clearly gone unmet?

For me, I have quite a list of things I'm waiting to "happen or hatch" right now. There's the baby, of course (due 4 days from now). And then waiting to hear from two churches with which Jonathan has had preliminary interviews 9 and 16 days ago, respectively. And there's Jonathan's current job that could possibly work into a direct-hire position within the next couple weeks; if that goes through, we're hoping it would mean a raise that could allow us to reasonably afford an apartment around here; otherwise, it will probably mean another job search starting up. Sigh.

On a much less world-rocking note, I'm also awaiting the re-release of Beauty and the Beast on DVD and the next heart-warming book by one of my favorite authors, Jan Karon (you can read the first chapter here)--both coming in October!

Even if I see no progress in those areas, will I "rejoice and be glad" in today? In THIS day? While the timing of so many things are beyond my control, the choice of gladness is mine to make. It's yours too. THIS is the day. Be glad.


T is for Tammy said...

Another quotation Kelly mentioned at my shower was by Jim Elliot: "Let not our longing slay the appetite of our living." Wise words!

(I believe they were first penned in a letter to his wife-to-be during a long-distance and painfully extended engagement period.)

Anonymous said...

Great post and thoughts shared.