Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Proverbs 31 Study--Day 3

This will be a short post--fitting, after yesterday's novella!

Here's my "S. O. A. P." for the day:

  • Scripture: Proverbs 31:5, 6
  • Observations:
    1. The idea of alcohol as a danger because it may result in a person's forgetting what's important is interesting. In fact, of the many arguments against drinking I've ever heard, this has never been mentioned.
    2. Both verses point out concern for the less fortunate ("in distress," "perishing," "afflicted"). This is truly a mark of nobility and leadership.
  • Applications:
    1. I think the idea of being distracted from what's important connects well to today's post by Courtney about the danger of rat-race living. (By the way, anyone read this book, on the same topic? Looks interesting!) I think that our busy, busy lives and overload of information and entertainment can easily become as distracting as a mind-altering substance.
    2. Even though I do tend to be politically conservative, I think many similarly conservative Christians can come across as real jerks by being anti-welfare, etc. I understand and can empathize with the idea of helping people voluntarily, rather than out of mandatory taxes, and I realize that many do abuse the "system." However, I strongly believe that we need to be cautious not to come across as uncaring about the needs of others and raise our children to do the same, not to assume anyone in need has been foolish or in some way intends to "take advantage" of others' kindnesses. That kind of cynical view is quite unlike that of Christ.
  • Prayer: Lord, help me not to forget what's really important in my parenting. May I raise my sons to be concerned about the needs and difficulties of others, whether those problems are self-inflicted or innocently endured.

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