Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Proverbs 31 Study--Day 7

Day 7 S. O. A. P.:

  • Observation/Application: The idea that I as a wife am called to be a "good thing" or God-given blessing to my husband is definitely a challenge. While this definitely has various implications for different women, I'm pretty sure we all know what our husbands consider "good things."

  • Prayer: Lord, help me to be mindful of what my husband desires and considers good and selfless enough to be that to him, even when it means not being or doing what I would prefer. I know that by laying down my life for others, I will be most fulfilled as a woman and as your child. Help me trust you enough to do that instead of vying for my own way, the way you know I tend to do, all. too. often.

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